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Dr. Karr
Peer Review #1

To get feedback on what you have written
To get suggestions for revising your paper

Exchange essays with a classmate
Read through peer review worksheet
Read your partner’s essay twice: once through without commenting, the second time making marks/notes in the margins (these marks are not corrections; they are reminders to call attention to specific parts when filling out worksheet)
Fill-out worksheet
Bring 2 typed copies of your Peer Review to the next class and your partner’s essay with your notes written on it. Be prepared to discuss your comments with your partner

Suggestions for Readers:
Make comments, not judgments. Compliment what is good
Consider the language you use when making comments and/or suggestions
(“I think maybe you could… I like the way you….but, you might want to try…”)
Whenever possible, write suggestions for improvement
Let the writer know specifically what you think are the strengths and weaknesses in the paper
DO NOT comment on grammar, unless these issues completely prevent you from understanding the meaning of the writing.

Suggestions for Writers:
When you read the review of your essay, carefully consider the reader’s comments
After thinking about the comments, consider what suggestions you think are ‘valid’ or good.
Can you use any of the suggestions to make improvements when revising your paper?
Do not simply follow the suggestions blindly, and do not simply reject the suggestions without considering them fully.

A. Read the essay 1-2 times to become familiar with the content – think about your overall general impressions – take notes on the essay.
B. On the draft itself, number each paragraph, read each paragraph, then write in the margin what you think is the main point of each paragraph.
C. Type comments:
Write at least one paragraph of comments for each of the sections below using complete sentences.
Use the questions in each section to guide your comments.
Make your comments as specific and complete as you can AND give suggestions for improvement (using bold type).
Write your comments directly to the author (I liked the way you wrote your conclusion because…)

I. Overall impressions of the essay
Begin with the overall strengths of the essay – be positive!

II. Title of the essay:
Does the title reflect the content of the essay?
Does it catch your attention? Does it make you want to read the essay?
Give suggestions for revising.

III. Introduction
Is the opening paragraph interesting? Does it catch your attention?
Does the writer correctly introduce Holmes’ article?
Does the writer clearly state Holmes’ overall thesis, or purpose for writing the article?
Does the writer present a clear summary of the main ideas in Holmes’ article?
Are there any missing points the writer should include?
Are there any minor details that should be deleted?
If you never read Holmes’ article, would you have a good understanding of her overall thesis and main ideas?
Is the paragraph coherent? Is there a logical progression (flow) of ideas?
Give suggestions for revising.

IV. Thesis:
Can you find a thesis statement? If yes, what is it and where is it located? [It should be located at the end of the introduction]
Does the thesis reflect the evaluative purpose of the paper? Does the thesis statement clearly indicate how the writer will evaluate Holmes’ claims, evidence, and the presentation of the claims and evidence?
Can you find ‘key words’ that are used in the body paragraphs? If yes, what are they?
Give some suggestions for revising.

V. Body Paragraph development: Make comments and give suggestions for revising for EACH body paragraph for ALL of the following categories

Body Paragraph #___:
Paragraph Topic:
What is the topic/purpose of the paragraph? (use a few words to define the topic)
It there a clear topic sentence? If yes, where is it located in the paragraph?