Importance Of Writing A Paper In College

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Professor Mary Paul
English 5A 9:00AM
Dear Marina:
Being in college is very tough, especially being a freshman, and having no college experience or ever engaged with college-leveled strategies. When writing a paper in college, there are many requirements that I have learned throughout my college exposure. For example, mostly every paper relies on your thesis or argument, because without it there won’t be a purpose for what you’re writing about. The thesis, or purpose, has to be controlling but not too specific, it has to be your own idea, and not a fact. Many professors will mainly observe your thesis statement; therefore it has to be flawless and understandable. Every paper that is written, the author has to write it with intention and with the appropriate words of communication and has to know their subject very well. There shouldn’t be a connection between your slang language and your English paper. The language used outside the paper could be whatever the writer wants it to be, but in order to be successful in college and later on in life, whenever putting a paper together, the words chosen should be very college-leveled and it has to make sense and translate it to the appropriate sentence. The names and numbers, if ever used, should be written out and not abbreviated. Besides the language, grammar is very important. However the paper‘s grammar is written, that’s how it reflects you. If it’s very informal, the person it reflects it’s not positive, however, if the paper is very well written and grammar is flawless, then the person reflected is a very positive one. For example, if I write a paper that has improper grammar and spelling, then the individual that reads my paper will think as me as a person who doesn’t have an education and does not know how to write a paper. However, if the paper that I write is well-written and has good spelling and grammar, then the reflection towards me will be that I do know how to write, and that I do have an education. Developing a paper disserts the person you are, which is very impressing. Another important strategy that I developed, and which is very important, is citing the sources you utilized. The format that is used in English is called MLA format, which stands for Modern Language Association, and it is managed to recognize the information that was regulated throughout the paper written. This strategy has to be considerable because without it the paper written would not have recognition and it will make the paper professional. If the paper is not cited then there could be major problems. For example, it could be lead to plagiarism, which is when you use another person’s information and take all the credit for it. This conflict is not beneficial for anyone’s record and every paper written should be cited and recognized. In order to write you have to be able to read, and in order to read you have to have the capacity to write. These two strategies are very important and are strongly connected. There cannot be a written word and make it comprehendible if you do not know how to read. When an individual knows how to read coherently, they are very good writers, which shows how reading and writing are connected. Reading a book makes the human mind more aware of the sentence structure and correct grammar and punctuation that when it comes to writing it makes it very simple task to do. For example, I had to read the articles from my projects very well and analyze the purpose, in order for me to write an essay. If I wouldn’t be able to read, I would not have the capacity to put my paper together. Having an academic reading class in college is very beneficial because in that course there are college-leveled literacy books and texts, which then helps us write with a college-leveled vocabulary and structure. For instance, in that course the Professor will hand us out articles, which then we had to read and analyze and had to write about what they were about, with no hesitation. This