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George Washington in the American war of Independence

* He was involved as early as 1767, when he stood against the political acts of British parliament. * When the actual war broke out, in April 1775, he became commander-in-chief of the Continental army. * He was appointed this task because even before the arm was set up, Washington was already fit for battle. * It was a huge task, balancing regional demands, competition among his subordinates, morale among the rank and file, attempts by Congress to manage the army's affairs too closely, requests by state governors for support, and an endless need for resources with which to feed, clothe, equip, arm, and move the troops. * Washington was at the heart of the battles, sometimes and he directed the siege of Boston successfully. However he lost Ney York City and almost lost Ney Jersey. He won a few other battles before the 1776 campaign season was over. * In the next few years, the Continental army went as Congress had only allowed it to stay for certain years * He did manage to build a reliable stable of experienced troops. * He was defeated in the defence of Philadelphia, but helped win some other battles. * When the French entered the war, the British lost Philadelphia. * Washington stayed outside Ney York, while another army fought inside. * More British entered Virginia, which led to more armies being sent there, and Washington sent groups of his army with it. * Lord