Essay about Cold War and New Countries

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1. The purpose of propaganda was to inspire people to be in the war and to promote patriotism
2. Gavrilo Princip- Member of the Blackhand who assassinated the Archduke of Austria
3. Zimmerman Telegram- Sent by Germany to Mexico to propose an alliance against the US but it was intercepted by Britain
4. Treaty of Versailles- Germany is the cause of the war, creates League of Nations, and established 9 new countries
5. Franz Ferdinand- Austrian ruler whose assassination started WW1
6. Wilson’s 14 Points - 1-5 ended secret treaties - 6-13 created 9 new countries - 14 created the League of Nations
7. 9 new countries that were created were Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Finland, Latvia, Turkey, Hungary, & Estonia
8. Eastern/Western Front- Borders of the allied countries with Germany in WW1. -Eastern- Russia -Western- France & Britain
9. New weapons of WW1 were airplanes, cannons, machine guns, chemical weapons, flamethrowers, and tanks
10. The main causes of WW1 were nationalism, imperialism, industrialization, militarism, and the Alliance System
11. The “powder keg” was located in the Balkans.
12. Woodrow Wilson created the League of Nations to try to create peace between all the countries in WW1. Germany & Russia were excluded.

13. Causes of WW2 - Treaty of Versailles created several democracies in Europe - Nations did not have democratic traditions - Nationalism increases with poverty and despair - Democracies fell to a dictatorship
14. Bataan Death March- American and Filipino prisoners were forced to walk thousands of miles
15. Kamikaze- Japanese suicide pilots
16. Non-Aggression Pact- USSR & Germany agree not to attack each other and agree to split Poland between them but Germany breaks the pact when they invade Poland
17. Pearl Harbor- Turning point in WW2 when US enters the war after Japan attacks
18. D-Day- Largest land sea operation in history; Allies freed France
19. Benito Mussolini- Italy; Fascism
20. Josef Stalin- Russia; Communism
21. Yalta/Potsdam Conference- Increased tension between US & Soviet Union
22. The 1st Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima
23. Franklin Roosevelt- President for most of WW2 but died before the Atomic Bomb was dropped
24. Iron Curtain- Countries behind the Iron Curtain were the Soviet Union and its satellite nations
25. Domino Theory- A theory that if one country falls under communism, the surrounding countries will fall into communism too
26. Balfour Declaration- Addressed the future of Palestine
27. Israel 6 Day War- Resulted in an Israeli buffer zone consisting of Jerusalem, Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights, and the West Bank
28. Warsaw Pact- Alliance formed by European communist countries against NATO
29. Operation Desert Storm- To free Kuwait from Iraq invasion
30. 38th Parallel- Boundary between North and South Korea
31. Camp David’s Accord- Agreement between Anwar Sadat and Menchem Begin
32. Iraq War- The US invaded Iraq and tried to topple Saddam Hussein after 9/11
33. Cuban Missile Crisis- Russians placed nuclear missiles in Cuba between Khrushchev and JFK
34. NATO- Treaty alliance between US & Western democracies European countries
35. Taliban- Extremist Islamic group
36. Space Race- US & Russia competed to be the best in the space field. -Russia sends the first living thing in space -Winner was US
37. Operation Mongoose- Failed attempt to overthrow Castro that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis
38. The goals of Al-Qaeda are to overthrow western governments, Self-rule -Ayman Al Zawarhiri is the current leader
39. Kashmir is the area that the Indian and Pakistan conflict is over
40. Nationalism- Extreme pride and devotion to one’s country
41. Cuban Revolution- Caused by the spread of socialism, lack of independence, and corruption
42. Religious Significance of Jerusalem - Jews traced their heritage and origins to the city - Christians value the city for the arrival of Jesus - Muslims believe it’s the