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Youth Sports By: Carlos Paternina

In order to have a healthy lifestyle you must be an active individual. It all starts from when you’re a child, riding bicycle around the block or even playing tag football in the open fields around your house. Sports at a young age can provide the thrill of competitive action. Teaches morals for authority, helps with social skills, brain functions, prevents obesity and not only keeping kids occupied and out of trouble but also being healthy. The benefits are endless and often forgotten. Sports are beneficial and really have no big risk except for injuries, but you can get hurt not playing sports as well.
Growing up my parents always put me in sports when one season would end it was on to the other sport. I started off playing soccer at the age of 6, a year later I became the team captain. I already had developed a leader characteristic at such a young age. I always would encourage my fellow teammates that would slack in practice and miss days to keep playing. Even though I was the youngest player on my team, I acted as a leader on the field and all on my team mates would look up to me. “Some kids have a hard time making friends or gaining social acceptance. Youth sports that involve working with teammates can help them become more confident and make friends.” Says Kevin Rail a writer on I could say I was a pretty confident child growing up and I still am till this day. I’ve always been a social person who gets along with everybody and that’s because of me being used to team mates. As a team mate on a team every player has to get along and have team chemistry with each other. This is the real meaning of team “Together Everybody Achieves More” which I’ve heard from every coach growing up. As a team mate you have to be able to encourage your fellow players and help them if needed. Once a player of the sport has all of those down pact he is social cause you are constantly communicating on the field so your already always used to talking to people. “Time spent at practice, games and tournaments provides opportunities for kids with a common interest to be together. According to a report by the University of Florida, friendship is extremely important for school-age children and can help them avoid mental and emotional disorders later in life. Friends also help teach children about responding to emotion and controlling their own, the report says. Parenting website myChild notes that teamwork is vital to a child's ability to form interpersonal connection.” Kwebena Stefan who is also a write for In a recent study its shown that sports helps brain functions in children growing up. "Physical activity and sports are generally promoted for their positive effect on children's physical health; regular participation in physical activity in childhood is associated with a decreased cardiovascular risk in youth and adulthood. There is also a growing body of literature suggesting that physical activity has beneficial effects on several mental health outcomes, including health-related quality of life and better mood states.” Dr. Mercola the creator of
Sports provide a way to get healthy and stay in shape. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, most youngsters do not get the recommended hour of daily physical activity. Being on a sports team can guarantees there will be less time for the TV and video games, and practice combined with weekly games will help keep them in shape. Even one hour of exercise a day helps to avoid weight gain.” according to WebMD. Since I played soccer, football, and baseball all season after season from age 6 until I was 17 and stayed playing football I’ve always been fit. I was born at 11 pounds and 23 inches. I guess my parents feared of being overweight so I was always raised to be active. I would go in for regular check-ups with my doctor that I grew up with as a child, his name was Dr.