A Sense of Space Essay

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Artist Research Paragraph: A Sense of Space
Fairfield Porter

Fairfield Porter, an influential painter, was born on September 18, 1975 in Winnetka, Illinois. He wasn’t only a painter; Porter was also a critic, theorist, and scholar. He enjoyed poetry and leftist politics. His many talents were created from his experience attending Harvard University and through “studying under Arthur Pope, a well-known archeologist and historian of ancient Persian art”(Wolf). His style was intriguing to his many fans. “Porter believed that there are a number of fundamental truths that art can reveal about nature, but it is not necessarily the job of the artist or even the critic to find these truths, leaving us to ponder whether Porter meant for the viewer to locate it” (Wolf). I chose Fairfield Porter for my research paper because I immediately found that sense of space in his art pieces. In the article, it is stated that Porter “never set out to redefine history or to revolutionize the way people perceived art. If anything, Porter sought to simplify these processes and help others view art on its own terms” (Wolf). In many, if not most, of his paintings you will find scenery. Many of them have a person in them doing an activity or relaxing. When you look out in the background of the paintings you notice the beautiful scenery. Most of the sceneries feel as if they are never ending. In one particular art piece, there is a woman and a child sitting in a field of grass. The background…