Essay on A Small Town

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It was a small town. In the day, it had many people roaming its streets, but at night, it was empty. A ghost town. It was also near a forest, much larger than the town.

One night, a man came back late from work, his name was Darren. He went to his home, and was shocked, the front door was gone. He ran in, started calling out for his wife, Diana, and his daughter, Alice, he heard nothing. He ran upstairs, only to find their bedroom doors open and the windows shattered. Darren took a step back, distraught. He heard a noise outside, he grabbed a flashlight and ran out, and it was a car alarm. His car was destroyed by something. He heard an unsettling noise coming from the woods. He quickly ran inside, grabbed a baseball bat, and ran towards the woods. He heard the noise louder and louder the farther he ventured. He had never heard anything like it before. He started to call out again,

"Diana! Alice!"

The sound suddenly stopped. He walked farther, slower, and then something knocked him over. The flashlight went flying out of his hands, rolling down a hill. He had only the rattling of the trees to guide him. As he walked, he heard laughing, it sounded like his daughter. He called out again,

"Alice! Diana! Where are you!?"

He ran towards the laughter, only to trip on a stump and roll into a ditch. He found his flashlight; the batteries must've fallen out from the force of the drop. He reached inside his pocket for spare batteries, bad day to put it off. He heard that otherworldly sound again. This time much louder and closer. Darren’s ears were in pain, the sound brought him to his knees, then…