A Year with My Brother Essay

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Meghan Rice
Mrs. Bushyeager
Personal essay
A year with my brother If I could spend a year with any real or non-fictional person of the past, present, or future I would choose my brother. I would spend a year with him because I have spent two without and it sucks. Connor was my best friend. Just before he passed we talked about how much fun we would have together when he got into high school. He was in 5th grade at the time and had a very vivid and wild imagination. More like ideas I should say. He always made me laugh when I was down unless he was the one putting my down, and I mean literally putting me down to the ground. We had our ups and downs, the roller coaster of being a sibling. But I cannot complain, he was the best little brother a sister could ever ask for. I’d spend a year with my brother because I miss all the fun times I had with him. I miss his laugh and his funny way of always trying to make someone feel good about themselves. He had a tough and stern looking exterior, but don’t let that fool you he was the sweetest and most sensitive little man anyone could ever meet. It saddens me to think that no one, besides family and close friends, had the chance to meet and see how amazing he was. He always had that sparkle in his eye that made everyone want to meet him. He had that glow to his smile and the warmth of his heart making everyone feel welcomed, whether you were big, tall, short, or skinny. Connor made everyone feel like they were a “ somebody” over a “ nobody”. for example, my brothers best friend, who happened to be our third cousin, is a bigger boy who isn’t as fortunate as we are nor does he have a good support system or even a good family for that matter. Connor took him under his wing and made him feel like a normal human being. Joe always had a smile on his face whenever him and Connor hung out. I feel Joe finally knew he was somebody and not just that kid who is smelly because his parents can’t afford shower accessories because they are busy getting high. Or that kid who always wears the same clothes because nine times out of ten, that’s all he has to hold on to and he can’t