Essay on I Believe in Zeppelin

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Drew Sinchak

Just close your eyes and let the gentle melodies to drift into your mind. Feel the vibrations of the bass surround you. Allow the pounding of the drums, and the subtle, miscellaneous background sounds, flow through your body. I believe that mankind’s gift of creating music is the most incredible possession that we will ever have. Although I have loved music for as long as I can remember, a certain incident that happened to me nine years ago completely changed the way I experience music. At the time, I was listening to the Beatles, but I had never really heard any definitive rock and roll before. I now realize that I subconsciously needed something more and, sure enough, that something would arrive soon. One day, my uncle, who had just gotten an iPod, asked me if I wanted any of his old records. I took them despite the fact that I already thought, naively, that I knew all there was to know about music. I turned out the lights, pumped up the volume, and put in one of the records. This one was called Led Zeppelin II. From the second I pressed play, I realized that I had been really missing out. I felt chills run up my spine as Jimmy Page’s fast-paced scales and riffs blended into an incredibly rhythmic and enjoyable sound. From the opening stuttering guitar riff of “Whole Lotta Love”, through the frenzied overdriven riffs of “Living Loving Maid”, “Heartbreaker”, and “Ramble On”, the album is hugely satisfying. My thirst for a new and influential genre of