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Ugg, said the girl. It was 10 at night and her essay on The Lord of the Flies was due the next day. All she wanted was to read the rest of the article she found on, but this fucking site won't let her finish reading about how the children's natural rights were violated. Acording to this, my document is too short. That is what I call bull-crap. I will now proceed to copy and past some crap about 'The Neck less'
1. A character that changes in the story is Bev. At the beginning of the story, she is nice and supportive of Millicent, but after Millicent smiles at Herb, Bev becomes distant and distrustful. This changes was most likely caused by fear of losing her chance with Herb and jealousy at Millicent’s interaction with him.
2. The conflict of this story is that Millicent needs to be initiated into a sorority, but the tests are frustrating. The conflict is resolved by Millicent pushing through while ‘Laughing like mad on the inside’.
3. The significance of the title is that it is the conflict. The author chose this title because it is the theme of the entire story.
4. Something else that jumps out at me in this story is how horrible the editing was. Some words were not even comprehensible and I was forced to use context to even get a vague idea of what it was supposed to mean. There was not much irony in this story, but the main symbolism was the heather birds, and they symbolised lightheartedness and freedom. A specific passage that showed this was ‘Within…