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Go to http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/SafetyAndRules/RoadRules/
Select six to eight of the new or existing road rules and prepare a single page, two-column fact sheet explaining these rules.. Include at least 2 graphics, such as an illustration or a photo depicting one of the rules.

New or Existing Rule | Explanation | Image |

New road rule | Reason for its introduction | i. Drivers will be fined $234 and lose three demerit points if any of their passengers are not wearing a seatbelt. Previously, drivers were only liable for penalties if passengers not wearing a seatbelt were under the age of 16. | | ii. Holding a mobile phone or even resting it on your lap, whether or not engaged in a phone call, risks a $234 fine and three demerit points. | | iii. If a tram is stopped at a tram stop, a car must stop too. Previously, road rules required drivers to stop only if a pedestrian was crossing. | | iv. A driver who moves their car to another parking spot must now move it off the length of the road, or out of the area to which a parking sign applies. Drivers cannot move their car to an adjacent parking spot when the parking time has expired. | | v. Skateboards must not be used on roads at night. | | vi. Helmets are now compulsory for scooter riders. | | vii. The minimum age of a passenger on a motorbike is now eight. | | viii. Motorcyclists will no longer be able to transport an animal such as a dog on a motorbike between them and the…