Essay on U.S Constitution

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Back in the early settlement of Jamestown, Virginia, Captain John Smith created a rule that says “He who does not work, shall not eat” (45). Captain John Smith had to make a decision that would decide the fate of this colony. Some of the events that occurred in Jamestown, Virginia that made John Smith adapt this rule were; many of the early settlers that came from England building houses or making crops. Many settlers were born into rich families, and many had unrealistic expectations that they would show up and instantly find gold. Instead of listening to daily chores needed for survival the settlers would go to the shore and see if they can find gold. (They never found any).
John Smith was right to make this rule, if no one worked and only spent their time searching for gold, then no one would be able to survive long, and all the time spent going on a long voyage from England to the new world would have been a waste of time. A rule like this in America today would not work, only because workers with families would not to be able to have a family because their meal would not be able to feed a family of 3 or 4, kids are also not allowed to work. Another issue faced in this rule would it would break our constitution, our country would not be a favorable place to live for other immigrants. Also what would happen to the people that have food stamps? The people that have mental or physical disabilities that can’t work, let them die? It would simply go against everything our…