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Words from Official SAT Study Guide Test 3

Abashedashamed or sorry
Allusionindirect reference
Ambivalentundecided; unclear
Anecdoteshort account/story
Annihilatedwiped out
Anomaliesoddities; things that don't fit the pattern
Antipodesplaces on opposite sides of the globe
Apprehensionworry; nervousness
Arduoushard and difficult
Articulate(adj.) able to express something well in words
Assuageto make less
Auspiciousfortunate; indicative of a successful outcome
Avuncularacting like an uncle; kindly
Axiomsomething that is taken to be true; basic idea that can't be questioned
Banaldull; unoriginal
Bereft ofwithout; deprived of
Bifurcationdivision into two
Cacophonousvery noisy; unpleasant sounding
Cantankerousirritable and difficult to please
Clairvoyantable to see into the future/another dimension
Coddledover-protected; kept warm
Complacentsmug; over-confident
Conducive tosuitable for; leading to
Convivialsociable and friendly
Cornucopialiterally a horn filled with fruits etc; symbol of plenty
Cosmopolitancomposed of varied nationalities
Counterfeiterfaker; someone who makes fake money, for example
Decipherdecode; work out meaning
Deferentialshowing respect
Deterrentsomething that puts one off; a preventive
Dichotomiesdivisions into two parts
Diffidentshy; hesitant
Digressiongoing off the point
Discriminating1. able to make fine distinctions between; having good taste, 2. favoring one side/group and acting against another
Docileplacid; easily lead
Elitethe upper levels in a society; the privileged ones
Equitablefair and equal
Equivocalambiguous; something that can be interpreted in more than one way
Fathom1. (v) work out; understand, 2. (n) measure of depth
Filialconcerned with the relationship between child and parent
Forebodingsense of doom
Funeraryconcerned with funerals
Galvanized1. stirred into action; stimulated, 2. coated with zinc
Grandioseexaggerated; too great; on a grand scale
Hilariousvery funny
Indecipherablecannot be decoded; cannot be worked out
Irresolutelacking firmness; inability to decide or commit
Levitylack of seriousness; humor
Metaphorfigurative speech; using implied comparisons
Mitigatedmade less severe
Naiveunsophisticated; simple and inexperienced
Nonchalantassuming an appearance of not caring; indifferent
Obliteratedwiped out
Oustedpushed out of a position
Pacifistspeople who oppose war
Panacearemedy for all ills
Paradoxicallycounter to what one would think; contradictory
Personification1. attributing human qualities to something non-human, 2. acting as an example of
Perusalcareful reading
Placidcalm and peaceful
Presumptuousassuming too much; arrogant
Profiteersomeone who seeks to make unjustified profits
Propagandistsomeone who spreads ideas
Qualificationsomething added to modify an opinion
Reconcilebring disputing sides together; overcome bad feeling
Respitebreak from work etc.
Reticentshy; unwilling to reveal information
Reverentialshowing respect
Revisionistspeople who revise; anti-revolutionaries
Sanctimonioushypocritically holy; making a pretense of religious feeling
Stoicbrave; able to tolerate whatever life throws at you
Symbioticmutually advantageous; close relationship
Syncopatedwith strongly accented rhythm
Tacitunspoken; understood even thought not expressed in words
Tauntedteased; mocked
Temperatemild; moderate
Understatementmaking something seem less important than it is
Unqualifiedwithout hesitation; complete and total
Unrelentingnever giving up; non-stop
Watershed1. area between two river basins, 2. turning point

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