Vocabulary Tests

These vocabulary tests are specifically designed to accompany Word Focus, our systematic approach to vocabulary building.

Use these tests to monitor your vocabulary building progress. The tests cover the words you've learned using the word associations, synonym sets and word roots cards in the Word Focus e-book.

Word Focus ebook

Word Focus Vocabulary Tests

Word Associations
Synonym Sets
Word Roots


Note: the tests contain different question types so make sure you read the directions on each test carefully.

    Word Associations
  • Test W01 relates to cards A01 – A05
  • Test W02 relates to cards A06 – A10
  • Test W03 relates to cards A11 – A15
  • Test W04 relates to cards A16 – A20
    Synonym Sets
  • Test S01 relates to cards B01 – B05
  • Test S02 relates to cards B06 – B10
  • Test S03 relates to cards B11 – B15
  • Test S04 relates to cards B16 – B20
  • Test S05 relates to cards B21 – B25
    Word Roots
  • Test R01 relates to cards C01 – C15
  • Test R02 relates to cards C16 – C30

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