SAT Math Grid Ins

Grid-in questions (student-produced response questions) are problems with no answer choices. You have to solve the problem then enter the answer in a grid.

Each test has ten questions and should take 12 minutes.

In our tests we allow you to enter up to four digits. You can use any digit from 0 to 9 and you can use a decimal point or a slash (/).

On the pencil and paper SAT tests the grid has four spaces also. You can try out the grids provided in the Official SAT Study Guide, or in the free Sample Test Booklet available from ETS.


Solve each question and enter the answer in the spaces provided. Use any of the symbols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, . , /.


  • Use a calculator when needed
  • Do rough work on a sheet of paper
  • Remember to answer as accurately as possible
  • Do not enter a zero before a decimal point in a fractional answer (for example, enter .667 rather than 0.66)
  • Do not use mixed fractions (you cannot enter 1 and a half as a fraction; use 1.5 or 3/2)

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