SAT Scores

What is a good SAT score?

Students and parents often ask counselors to state what a good score would be. A useful answer is that a good score is any score that gets a student into the college of his or her choice!

When you look at your score you need to remember that an SAT score is not an absolute value. It is a scaled score to indicate your performance in comparison with that of the other 2 million students who take this test every year.

Scores can go up and down according to how you feel on the day of the test or how well you have prepared. Parents need to be warned that it is not an absolute indicator of their child's intelligence.

That said, on a total score of 2400 (800 critical reading, 800 math, 800 writing)

  • a score of 1650-1800 is adequate for many colleges
  • a score of 1800-2100 is good
  • a score above 2100 should ensure that you have no problems for admission (if all else is in order!)

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