13th Amendment Advantages

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Based upon my knowledge of the Civil War and thoroughly reading the document of the Reconstruction Amendments of document 7, it is evident and very specific that, as a result of the Reconstruction of the Constitution, it expected to guarantee men & even colored men that used to be slaves, freedom within the United States. The reconstruction was a turn for America, though it was a positive turn. To begin, slavery should have never existed. In the XIII amendment, it has the same beliefs as myself as far as slaveries existences. Afterwards, the fourth tenth amendment was all about legal proceedings, immunities clause, privileges, and most importantly, equal the protection clause. The privileges included in the XIV Amendment opened innumerable …show more content…
It was not an easy transition by any means, intensification, whites were still privileged at an advantage that could not compete with blacks. The Reconstruction Constitution had it’s ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages, as well as, hard times for a horde of. Commonly within the time period, women still fought for their equality which it payed off. As all the Amendments differed from one another, the fifteenth amendment guaranteed a right that has taken a toll in the United States; this why the reconstruction is an important topic in America’s growth. The XV Amendment gave citizens the right to vote no matter what color, or nationality that individual was. The XV was not a smooth transition, many southerners were not in favor of this idea.
One of the issues in the Reconstruction was blacks not getting their rights, due to the reconstruction, this enhanced the possibility and eventually gave blacks the rights they were born with and deserved. Not only did blacks get their rights, though after years of fighting and and trying their best to get attention, women soon were equal to men, having the same rights as any male. The reconstruction is exceedingly relevant in today’s