Essay on Religious And Ethnic Groups

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Religious and Ethnic Groups

Jehovah witnesses differ from other religion groups in many ways. Although one thing remains almost the same, they believe in god. Jehovah witnesses are known for not celebrating holidays as well as birthdays. The bible doesn’t say not to celebrate birthdays but Jehovah witnesses believe that early Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays so it’s okay that they don’t. They also don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter, they say there is no proof of Jesus being born on Christmas, it was never in the bible, they also believe that Jesus doesn’t want them to celebrate his birth, but to remember his death instead. “God requires that we give him “exclusive devotion,” and he is offended by worship that includes practices that he does not approve of.” (Why Don't Jehovah's Witnesses Celebrate Easter? | FAQ) Jehovah witnesses don’t approve of abortion, sex before marriage, homosexuality, gambling, they are allowed to drink but only a little bit of beer or wine and they are not allowed to get drunk. They are also not allowed to think about or do certain sexual acts even if married. In today’s world and how much things have changed religions are now starting accept homosexuality into their religion, although Jehovah witnesses still don’t allow it to them it remains a sin. As many things in America so much contributes to our culture and that is what makes us so diverse and different. Jehovah witnesses have contributed to America by making bloodless surgeries a way of getting surgery done without a blood transfusion since they do not believe in receiving blood transfusions. They also have contributed by sticking by their beliefs after many court cases they got religious freedom passed. They also got to speak freely about religion in public without getting in trouble for solicitation. All over the world Jehovah witnesses have been subjected to discrimination and harassment because of their beliefs and religion. In France the French government have called Jehovah witnesses criminals they have allowed their kingdom halls to be vandalized, bombed, burned and shot at. Jehovah witnesses do not believe in war and will not fight in war, although some countries have alternatives for them and respect that in their religion South Korea has a different thought. When a Jehovah’s Witness declines being drafted into the military they are sentenced for a term in jail and most the time once they have served their sentence and are let free they are redrafted and given a new sentence to return to jail. Moscow doesn’t allow Jehovah witness to be practiced as a religion they aren’t allowed to own a place to express their religion and aren’t allowed to practice it anywhere else, not even at home. If they are found doing so in Moscow authorities have beaten them and subjected them to jail time because of their religion. There are many other areas in the world that discriminate the beliefs of Jehovah witnesses this all started in the 1930s in the United States when Jehovah witnesses decided to stand up for their rights and beliefs. “Jehovah’s Witnesses are strictly apolitical, but in 29 countries they are banned as a threat to public order. They refuse to fight in war, but they wage legal battles for their right to worship. Their insistence on their right to publicly spread their message has won the same right for groups with whom they disagree. They are moral conservatives, but their numerous court victories have defined and strengthened human rights and freedoms far beyond the bounds of their strict Christian code.” ("Jehovah's Witnesses and Religious Persecution - Current, History") After researching and learning about Jehovah’s witnesses I understand a little bit more now. I never understood why they didn’t celebrate birthdays and holidays I always thought that was weird, but after reading about and their reasoning I understand a little bit more now.
African Americans as well as most ethnic groups differ from each other. Many traditions