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Personal Response/Reflection
1. Describe the collaborative efforts and roles of each group member.
All of the members took role in completing the assignment. We distributed equal tasks to each member and combined it all in the end to make our final presentation. I was responsible for video editing, uploading and direction. Jing was responsible for the handout and analysis. Lastly, Far was responsible for the script and the final powerpoint.

2. Use of dramatic conventions to strengthen performance.
Since we made a video of our scene, we used dramatic conventions during the direction of the film. The transitions from different settings were done through video editing. Along with that we also had costume to differentiate characters. Costumes also enhanced the theme look of the movie which is the mafia gang. The actors act based on written and edited script to avoid confusions and mistakes.

3. Presentation that made you rethink Hamlet.
This presentation allowed me to do more research on the characteristics of prince Hamlet. His behaviours, although evident in the text, were always vague. This research for the presentation allowed me to gain understanding of the true characterization of Hamlet along with Horatio, Laertes and Osric.

4. How successful was my group in teaching the assigned scene?
I think we did a very good in presenting the scene. Since we modernized it, we made it easier for the class to understand what is going on precisely. Then our analysis of the scene which included characterization, themes, important quotes and motifs really helped enhance our lesson and made it easier for the audience to grasp the situations of the scene.

5. Visual Aids to strengthen presentation.
We portrayed our scene through an audio/video system mainly because we can edit and enhance the outlook of the scene. We didn't have many props other than the laptop and office setting.