Essay about Abortion Rights

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Abortion is one of the most debated controversial issues in American politics today. Many political activists and other competing groups have fought either to restrict or increase access to the procedure. People in today’s society either don’t care about this issue or feel a strong urge to speak out against it. The supporters, as well as the opponents of abortion, have significant reasons on why they believe abortion should stay legal. Some of their reasons include birth control failure, birth defects, pregnancy due to rape or incest, inability to support or care for a child, and an unwanted pregnancy. People believe that they have a right to support abortion because it’s a decision every women should be able to make. Mostly people that are younger than 30 think that abortion is a right that should stay legal and that the government shouldn’t try and change. Even though, Democrats like Stupak are trying to bar taxpayers financing for abortions. Due to the government’s interference, abortion rights advocacy groups have gotten together to protest and reach out to younger voters. On the other hand, more conservative people believe there should be more restrictions on abortion. Most opponents of this issue even think that abortion should be illegal for various circumstances all together. In the Roe vs. Wade case, Roe claimed that viability of a fetus occurs at 28 weeks. But with recent studies and medical advancements, scientists found out that a fetus can survive birth at