Action Plan and Development Plan Essay

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Action Plan/Development Plan
1. Positive Encouragement and motivation to each other (be our brother’s keeper)

2. Delegation and empowerment of Staff
Non-judgemental / constructive criticism. People learn best when they are enjoying themselves. We will exhort our Team to identify and exercise their specific God-directed role(s)

3. Staff Training/courses

4. To have active listening Skills

5. Consider every ones opinions /values has important 6. Coordinate the activities that involve hospitality, PR, Stewardship and care ministries. 7. Be alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs.

8. Increased awareness, Increased trust, Increased loyalty.

9. Recruit and train church ushers etc 10. Design and oversee the collection of church visitor contact information

11. Help returning church visitors find ways to connect

12. Actively seek to Aim to fulfil our vision

13. We exist in the strengthening and establishment of biblically-based (Learn a verse of scripture weekly or every two week) Increased our communication skills, more familiarize with the bible, bonding with others, furthermore, I have found that it enhances our Personal Growth. Learn from each other, ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17)’.

14. How are children received for children’s church

15. Develop a parking lot team if needed.

16. To develop relationships that demonstrate the Love of God, bring the Gospel to all people groups, and