Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4G Technology

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“It’s Not Complicated”

Everybody loves the AT&T commercials with the cute little kids. If you don’t think they are too cute and funny then you have a problem. That is why they use these kids in their commercials. Because people will stop and listen to the commercial to see what the kids have to say so they will also hear the rest of the commercial and what it is really for. The target audience is anybody looking for a new phone, someone that uses AT&T service or anyone just sitting down watching TV. The promises they make in the commercial is a faster 4G network. The effects that a faster 4G network are that you can be able to browse the web a lot faster than just a 3G network. AT&T offers two layers of 4G technology: HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul and LTE, both capable of delivering 4G speeds. Customers will have access to fast speeds as they move in and out of 4G LTE areas. This is one of the promises and improvements made in this commercial. They say “We're committed to keeping you up to date on the improvements we're making to your AT&T wireless network. They have made it very clear that since January 1, AT&T’s LTE network is the most reliable according to new independent third-party data. Their 4G LTE wireless network delivers content across the mobile network to its intended destination. Since 2011, they have made thousands of upgrades across the U.S. and now trying out a new way to show everyone where there has been made improvements with local map-based websites. AT&T 4G LTE is live in 461 markets and companies and is expected to cover nearly 270 million people by year-end 2013.