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There is a place for everything, and smart marketers will generate ideas to maximize the approach of the advertisement to its potential customers. With good use of the media, advertisements repeated hourly on the radio or the television will be able to persuade a person into buying a product. “Media advertising sells an image -- an empty shell” (Cronk, 1996). Most of the time, the customer is not in need of what is seen in front of them. Repeated exposure to an advertisement serves as a brainwash. When an advertisement attacks the correct group of people, it is easy for the listener to give in and be willing to purchase the product. For instance, when a shopping addict repeatedly watches perfume advertisements on the television and sees the perfume ad in a magazine, eventually, he or she will go out and physically take action to purchase that product. No matter if the product is a necessity or not, once the advertisement approaches the right group of people, there will be a large chance a purchase will be made. Moreover, people are walking advertisements. Labels are thrown around so casually that we sometimes forget that what we wear is an advertisement. The Gucci bag on her shoulder and the Nike check mark on his shirt are all brands being thrown around as an advertisement without one being aware of it. Even a waft of a person's choice of perfume or cup of coffee can play as advertising. The scent of a cup of coffee can act as a reminder for a person to go to his…