Advertising: Marketing and Product Essay

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A consumer’s purchase based on looks benefits the consumer and/or the business?
Why is it that we are attracted to the “cute” stuff? We like to buy products and foods that are appealing to the eye. You wouldn’t eat an unattractive looking meal vs. a delicious looking pizza right? This is one of the strategies that companies use in their advertising, appearance. Let’s start of by saying that we are surrounded by ads trying to get us to buy their product; how is it that ads and/ or the appearance of the product affect us, the consumer, to buy a product. I can say I am completely guilty of buying products and foods because of advertising and because of the appearance of the product.
Let’s face it we can’t resist those cute glasses or that cute shirt, we have to buy it! Businesses have to make their product appealing to consumers in order to sell. It is important for the businesses to provide consumers with an overall impression of the product. There are many pros and cons to this form of advertising by companies just like there are many pros and cons to this kind of shopping. Businesses must advertise in a way that is memorable by consumers by trying to appeal to the hearts and one of the ways to appeal to the consumer’s heart is through how the product looks.
Some of the pros of this form of advertising can be: a more memorable advertisement that sticks out more than their competitors, this form of advertisement can also be visually appealing to the consumers. A company can advertise a line of holder that have an artistic look to it in the hopes that people will buy them based on looks alone. They know people will buy based on looks because a lot of people enjoy having products that stimulate the mind to help them feel relaxed and happy.
Then again there are also several cons some of which are competitions with other businesses and it can also be deceitful, it can hide the products true value or meaning of use. Competition against companies can make it difficult to succeed selling the product to consumers. An example of a product being deceitful is when you buy a piece of cloth from a certain name brand and you buy a shirt that looks alike but is a “knock-off”, you can tell the difference in quality after you use it a few times, this form of