African American and Right Thing Essay

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The African American quest for the American dream has been a hard and long drawn out one. African Americans has suffered from segregation, slavery, civil rights movement and so much more, even in today's society we as an African American people are still on the quest for the true American dream. The American dream has been a dream for many centuries, the dream of being equal and everyone having all equal opportunities, the dream to have the white picket fence and the cute little puppy, the dream to be accepted and united on one accord, this has been a dream not just for African Americans but also for immigrants such as Italians, Spanish, Asians, they come from their home countries to America to find and live the dream that all Americans have the right to live but African Americans cannot seem to find it in their own native land. A lot of African Americans since the eighties have been using the struggle for racial equality as an excuse as to why they still have not had the American dream. Myself personally I feel that my ancestors paved the way for us African Americans to live the dream and instead of stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for own actions and wrong doings some not all African Americans want to blame society for not making it in the world we live in today.
The African Americans in the movie Twilight were seeking fair and equal treatment. They had had enough of the racism, the segregation and the inequality. They were done being nice they felt like it was their time to be heard and let people know how they really felt about their unfair treatment. They felt they had every right to live the American dream and they should not be singled out and looked down upon because of their race. They deserved the same rights and same fair treatment as everyone else and they were going to do whatever was possible to get it. The scene in the movie where the riot was taking place and they were tearing up the streets and business were their way of saying, we want to be heard and we will not stop until we have justice "No Justice, No Peace". African Americans were going to get their way and they were going to be treated fairly no matter what. The African Americans in this movie had had more than enough unfair treatment because one of their own was beaten by the police and no one was convicted for it. This is still happening in society today and that's the only time I feel we as an African community should come together for our rights. I'm not in total support for the violent approach because I feel that violence does not solve the problem, it only leads to more violence so I highly disagree with the approach they took. Nonviolence such as the boycotts, the sit INS, and many more nonviolent movements has gotten us as a people so much further then violence. What's odd to me is we come together as a people when someone harms our race then we say it wasn't nothing but racism but we walk around killing each other in other words "black on black crime". African American men and woman every single day are doing nothing but killing and fighting each other, we are pulling each other down rather than lifting each other up. Sometimes I feel that we bring racism onto ourselves by proving what people say about the African American race right. We let our brothers and sisters fall and sometimes we are the ones kicking them down, I'm not saying that every race is perfect except African Americans all races have their own issues but we as a people especially from where we came from have not done a great job of displaying excellence for our race. This movie displayed the anger of the African Americans and the dissatisfaction of the inequality they were still experiencing. Inequality does not only affect the African American races but other races as well. We as an African American people sometimes feel like we are the only ones that have been affected by racism and mistreatment but truth is we are not. Racism has affected the Jews, the…