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Alexander the Great

When Greece was a powerful empire, the Macedonians were seen by most Greeks as a backwards land of northern farmers and sheep herders who were unorganized and weak compared to the Greeks. A smart and powerful man stood up and paid close attention while imprisoned to perfecting the battle techniques such the Phalanx formation and the use of cavalry. This man was Philip the Great of Macedon. His battle techniques were so successful that all mainland Greece were united under rule of Philip the Great. Unfortunately, he got assassinated during a wedding. Soon his son, Alexander the Great, would take the throne and the ancient world would change forever. His accomplishments and his legacies clearly proves that he was a “Great Man” and an event-making man.

Alexander the Great was a very smart young man, He was tutored by the famous philosopher Aristotle. He was schooled in the art of war. During the next three years, Aristotle gave Alexander a training in rhetoric and literature and stimulated his interest in science, medicine, and philosophy, all of which became of importance in Alexander’s later life. After his father's death, Alexander the Great inherited his father's experienced and professional army, his own genius for finding the weakness of his enemies and Philip's ambitious plans for conquest. He was completely ready for every war and on forming one of the largest empires in the world. In 334 BC, he invaded Persian-ruled Asia minor and began a series of campaign lasting ten years. He beat the Persians and took over their power and land in a series of decisive battles especially the battles of Issus and Gaugamela. He overthrew the Persian King Daruis and conquered the entire Persian Empire. He was able to defeat the Persian Empire with a small army of 35 000 soldiers only. People asked themselves how could this have happened. Well, first of all, all of the Macedonians soldiers were devoted to Alexander and his fighting spirit. It was also because the Macedonian Army represented the ultimate in improved Greek warfare. All of his accomplishments made him one of the most successful military leaders and rulers the world has ever known.

Another part of the life of Alexander the Great that shows that he is a great man and an event-making man are his legacies.…