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14 October 2013
Advice to Freshmen As a senior, I have many memories both good and bad. Some memories I wish I could go back and change, and others I would not change for the world. For the freshmen high school is just getting started, and as for us seniors it is rapidly approaching its end. My advice to freshmen would be to join clubs, do not abuse your freedom, and to never procrastinate. Students in high school should learn to never procrastinate. Students should put their education before their social life. Grades are a very important factor when it comes time to apply for college. Students always seem to struggle with procrastination and teachers always appreciate students who turn their work in on time. Students should not procrastinate because it is hard to make up multiple assignments when you have other homework to worry about. Usually students will end up turning it in late or not turning it in at all and that could hurt your grade point average. Another piece of advice for freshman is to join clubs or any organizations that you can. I am not involved in many clubs and colleges love people who are in clubs. Being in clubs or organizations is also a way to branch out and meet new people. Clubs are not that hard to join or to meet the requirements and they usually take trips that other people do not get to attend. My last piece of advice to freshmen is to never abuse your freedom. Middle school is very strict compared to high school and some