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Hello, My name is Jamie. I am from Wheatley and I attended the Palestine-Wheatley school district where I graduated from in 2009. After graduating I moved to Jonesboro in August 2009 to attend Arkansas State University to major in Education. I have decided to take classes online at EACC because they are cheaper and online is helpful with me be a new mom trying to juggle school, work and of course taking care of a new born. I work at Tj Maxx at the customer service desk; I have been employed there since October 2010. I have recently signed up for sub teach. I have work other jobs such as Wal Mart, Kroger and a magazine company named Quad Graphics for a short period of time (usually during the summer time) just for extra money. There are many goals in my life that I would love to achieve. I am 21 years old and I have started on three of my life goals and completed two. The two life goals I have completed is finding my soul mate and getting married, and staring a family. I met my husband my first year of college, we became a couple my second year of college he proposed second semester of my second year. We got married last May once we found out for certainly he would be deployed overseas at the end June for a year and I was already pregnant. With that being said I had my son January 6 this year and I am still counting down the days until my husband returns. The third thing on my goal list that I have started is starting and completing my college degree, as I mentioned already I started college in 2009 and have not yet completed but I will continue working toward my degree in Education until I finish. To continue on with my life goals once I complete school I would love to move out of Arkansas I have not yet decided where but once I do I would love to have my own house built. I would someday love to ride an elephant and ride in a hot air balloon for my fifth wedding anniversary. After I complete my degree in education and teach for a while and retire I would love to own my own daycare. Somewhere down the line I would love to learn how to play guitar. Also, somewhere in the