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Casey D’Alessandro
Mr. Cassel
English 2 ACC
14 January 2015
The Truth About the American Dream People all around want to be successful. They want to have a high paying job, a loving family, and most of all to be happy. But the idea of the American Dream isn’t like that. The American Dream is that everyone wants to get paid without having to lift a finger, they want a perfect family that won’t come with any glitches, and to be happy 24/7 without having any complications, but we all know that isn’t the truth. Nobody should listen to what the perfect American Dream is because all it is untruthful. Everyone’s American Dream might be a little different but we all want equal things. Some people just basically want to be happy, but others want the “extreme and beyond” but it’s all the similar goals. My American Dream is that I will be successful, have a family, and have friendships. In this American Dream I will have a job I will enjoy and it is also well paying, not too high but enough to survive. I will have a husband and two kids and a dog. My husband will also have a job that is well paying too. We will live in California; not in like one of the big cities, one of the small towns nobody has ever heard of, with a small house that fits us all comfortably with two cars, with one for small travel. Then the other one that is for longer, farther distances, a jeep. Sometimes the smaller you expect the more grateful you will be, but that’s not how society is. Society’s view on the