American Football Essay

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Football is interesting as well as exciting, Starting from the beginning till the multi-talented organization known today. American Football came from rugby football. The game was played between two teams of 25 players each and used a round ball. The ball could be kicked or battled, but only using hands feet or sides. American football believed to have originated from an ancient Greek game known as harpaston. Rugby was created in the 19th century from England, when a member of a soccer team became angry and described to pick the ball and run across the field to the opponent’s side. American football you must wear protection. Helmets were first created in the 1990s made from soft leather, but the full ear piece made communication difficult. 1915-1917 the full skull protection helmet was created. It featured earholes and suspension. Keep the helmet was created. It featured earholes and suspension. Keep the helmet from resting on the head. 1920s-1930s teardrop shape helmets with leather and cushioning. The first plastic helmet in 1939 and later added a single face bar.1960s football helmets undergone changes to increase their ability to take impact. 1970s, web-like interior was replaced with foam cell. The helmets used air valves to make a perfect fit and polyurethane “cap” over the outside of the helmet. Adding additional protection from concussions, but we do not only have helmets as a protection for football players they also use shoulder padding which was first created in the 1950s made from leather sewn together. In the 1960s they changed it to hard plastic foam the pads then improved protection from injuries such as shoulder and rips but pads caused over heating so they had no choice but to find a better way for football players to get the