Analysis Of The Poem Discovery By Michael S. Harper

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Brianna Stewart
Poetry Essay
May 2, 2013
The poem Discovery by Michael S. Harper is a poem about a man and a women laying in bed and he is telling the reader how he feels laying with her and how he loves being next to her and doesn’t want the moment to end. This poem is about “true love” because he is experiencing true love with her or in general for the first time and how she is the light in his world when they are in the dark. The reason why I believe this is a ‘true love” poem because what I find very interesting is that the poem starts off in the darkness and they are laying together as he listen to her breathing and waiting to fall asleep which he thinks because he can’t see in the room. He then falls asleep and awoke to her touching him and can he could tell that she was looking at him as he touched him and kissed him. The poem takes place in the dark the whole time until he says, “reached for the light turned on” which makes the reader believe that he turned on the light or lamp in the room. Which reveled to him how she looked and cared for him. The thing that makes me believe its true love is if the poem takes place in the dark the whole time then at the end when he goes to turn on light the bulb should not be hot and should not be very hot to burn his hand. The light during the entire poem was the girl herself as they both lay there she was the light to his life when in darkness. The effect the poem had on me is that finding true