Essay on Analysis of Communication Skills: a Self Assessment

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Analysis of Communication Skills:
A Self-Assessment

"The power of vision is the starting point. Once you have established your goal, you need to develop your communication skills so that you can share your vision with the rest of the world and create something unique," Tips on starting your own winning business. (2011, March 9). This statement is true. I consider my communication skill good to excellent. As the daughter of two school teachers I have an excellent command of the English language and they taught me how to present myself in such a way to adapt to my audience and have a confidence in my words. These traits have allowed me to be successful in a number of various professions, but I find my ability to communicate with
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I have even gone so far as to say “I don’t know what you do for a living, but what is three hours of your time worth?” This honest and blunt approach is typically much more effective than the excuses version. I believe and honest concern deserves and honest answer. Many people do not realize the skills involved with the grooming profession, until they try to do their cocker themselves. I have not had a customer complete the job yet.
As we all know, language is loaded and words paint a picture. If someone claims their pet was “butchered”, “hacked”, or “chopped” the last time we groomed it, I will usually stop them in their tracks. I will address the issue with a statement something like; “Before we can go any further, I would like to make a point. If we are going to talk about the work of my career professionals, we need to do it respectfully. If you would like to describe something that you’re unhappy about and you can tell me in a more considerate was, I will bend over backwards to make sure you are happy and see that it doesn’t happen again.” Again, not allowing the negative attitude or reflection on me or my staff, typically defuses the situation and wins over the clients respect. Ironically, some of my most loyal and devoted customers have developed from these “smack down” type beginnings.
I ask constructive questions in a calm manner to help clarify my understanding of their issue and purpose a solution that will