Ancient Civilization Essay

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Ancient Civilization Essay Christine Do One task that I was expected to do was to create a project from the ancient civilizations. I chose to do a project on the scene where Jason is reaching for the Golden Fleece. Jason and the Golden Fleece is a Greek myth passed down from generations, but the Greeks didn’t begin myths. No one really knows when myths began actually. All ancient people created them to explain human conditions. Myths also represented consequences of bad behavior. There are many heroes that accomplish great deeds as well. Greek myths usually have monsters and strange creatures that represent chaos and difficulty. It is possible that the myths were real events, and later exaggerated as it passed down. We still aren’t very sure though. Myths are a type of story that Greeks enjoyed telling. The Greek culture has a lot of other myths as well. However, Jason and the Golden Fleece is one of the most famous myths. Jason and the Golden Fleece played a huge role in the normal Greek life. Parents would tell myths to their children so they could learn values. For example, the myth Jason and the Golden Fleece portrays justice. It also shows how a determined person can achieve their goal. In the Greek world, myths connected to religion and explained natural phenomenon. They were used for religious and educational purposes, maybe even for entertainment. Art was also based on the myths like pottery. Myths were