animal endangerment Essay

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Daniel Moyer
Mrs. Moss
English 9/ B
February 28, 2013
Endangered Species

There are many species that go extinct and go on the endanger list. It is important to help these animals before we lose any beautiful species. It could also endanger us. What happens when an animal goes extinct? This animal will go extinct and die off and never be seen ever again. There have been many animals and species that have done so already on earth. A very large species, 65 million years ago, were the dinosaurs. They went extinct because an asteroid hit Earth and destroyed all of them (Endangered species). The fact is no one wants to see any species die off. There is a name for species that have not yet gone extinct but are coming close. They are known as endangered species. An endangered species is any plant, animal, or insect that has almost reached its point of extinction (Endangered species). Although there are many animals on the endangered list, the polar bear, is one of them. The polar bear is going to become extinct if you don't take action. If we are so important, then so are the animals that actually make life possible for us (Endangered species). What is biodiversity? Biodiversity is the variety of life within an area(Endangered species). If biodiversity goes low in a certain area then there are animals, plants, and insects becoming extinct (Endangered species) . This is a tragedy because humans need these things to make a living. Imagine if the bee went extinct. Bees help keep plants alive by pollinating them. If they died off this would be a major disaster, so it is important to care for every animal. Many animals bring values to humans and maybe even have values of their own that we do not know about yet. Plants, animals, and insects that actually bring life to us deserve to not go endangered. There are a lot of species on this Earth that bring many values to humans or that really need to survive on this earth for certain reasons. A second reason is every organism deserves to live (Endangered species). Specific plants are important to us because they give us oxygen. It would take a lot to get all the plants to go extinct but it is possible. Every single one is very important and has a reason for being on the Earth in the first place. Even though you cannot control every organism that goes on the endangered list we should at least try to save them because that is one less beautiful species if they do go extinct. The Grey Wolf has become extinct in the past decade. Another name for the wolf is the Campuses Lupus (Grey wolf). The Grey Wolf is a very powerful and strong wolf. The height of the Grey Wolf is 26 to 32m from the shoulders to the bottom and the weight of the males are 70 to 100 pounds. Females weigh less and only weigh about 60 to 70 pounds (Grey wolf). The Grey Wolf is a very large dog and they are black and white. The Grey Wolf can travel five mph as an average speed, but can reach up to speeds of 40 mph, so very fast when they need to be (Grey wolf). They can live in several of environments, but the most common place the wolf can live is the deep forest or prairies of the western mountains (Grey wolf). The Grey Wolf is a smart, powerful, and beautiful wolf. It would be a sad day if they went extinct. The Grey Wolf's habitat is very important. The way the animal hunts depends on their habitat and helps big time. The Grey Wolf can live in a lot of different places around the world and they range all across North America, Canada, and Mexico (Reiter 3). The Grey Wolf needs to live in a deep forest, woods, or a prairie, that is where most of its life is spent (Grey wolf). They can hunt deer, elk, and buffalo. Wolves were meant for big game, but also can eat smaller animals such as rabbits, mice, and squirrels (Grey wolf). Most Grey Wolves get along with