Animal Research: a Very Controversial Topic Essay examples

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Animal Research

Animal research is a very controversial topic and will probably continue to be for many years. Many people have different point of views about it, and we might not always be on the same page about it. Like everyone else, it's not the first time I have heard about animal research. When I was given this assignment I immediately thought that I would be completely against animal research because like most people I only thought of the pain inflicted to animals at first. As an owner of a beagle, I never wanted to think of my dog to be put in that situation. I never really had put too much thought into the idea of animal research before. But I started thinking more into this topic and read on different opinions and my mind started to think of many things I didn't take into consideration before. Like in many situations, there are advantages and disadvantages to animal research. Many of the advantages have been and still are very useful to our society. We have learned a lot about the medical field through animal research. We have found cures to many diseases. Animal research is very important for our pharmaceutical advancements. We would not be as healthy as we are today if we didn't use some of the daily drugs we might use that were first tested on animals. Even with minor health issues such as headaches, colds or fevers, the prescription drugs we use for these have been tested by animals first. If we did not have animals to do our research on we would have to use humans instead. This could be very dangerous and not many or any at all are willing to be tested on. Also in different psychological tests, that could cause trauma if used in humans that could probably not be cured. Using humans instead of animals for research or testing could be a very hard situation that could affect families that have a close connection with the person that would be tested on. Disadvantages, of course are that we are causing pain to innocent animals through this research. These animals did not decide to be tested on themselves. It is not fair that they can't defend themselves against what they are put through. Many of the research the animals are put through is not always successful. It is a very high risk that they are put through and not always will this have a positive outcome that could be used. Unfortunately it is the only way for research to be tested and know if it will be beneficial to our society. I believe that animals should be used instead of people when it means that it could cause harm to people. In occasions where it may depend of someone's life. If we didn't have animals that we could test on, we would be forced to use certain procedures on humans without knowing the outcome and it could cause many painful hardships to many of us. By knowing the information that animal research can provide us with we could prevent other humans' from advancing on certain diseases and prevent these from affecting our humanity as a whole. There are many conditions that animals could be used to prevent the suffering from any human. Many people oppose to the idea of animal research. Everyone has their reasons and some feel strongly against animal research. Most of these people are anthropomorphize pets. This causes a problem in the objective study of animals. There are many groups that fight against animal testing and such. This puts obstacles and may delay future researching on important and big steps for animal research that could benefit our community. There could be patients…