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Annotated Bibliography

Adams, M. (2007, October 8). Factory animal farms produce meat through routine torture and environmental destruction. Natural Health Nws. Retrieved August 12, 2013, from This article discusses different commonly used ingredients and methods that are used to raise animals in farms. The article also highlights the common abuses of captive animals. It specifically goes in depth about how cows, pigs, and chickens are mistreated. This article is credible because it highlights what happens to these animals and how they are commonly mistreated, and also because the author is an award winning natural health researcher. This all relates to the first part of my research because it will provide a basic foundation for the general background information about animal abuse within farms. This article will help me decide and what important parts to include in my first paragraph to highlight the common animal abuses.
Grace Communications Foundation. (n.d.). Sustainable Table | Animal Welfare . Sustainable Table | Welcome to Sustainable Table . Retrieved August 12, 2013, from This article goes into very specific detail about how factory farmed animals live, from birth up until the day they are slaughtered. The article also has many statistics about these animals and what percentages of these animals are raised by factory farms and what percentage are raised in free roam farms. This article is very credible because it has a footnote for every single statistic. This information will be used in the fourth part of my research paper to provide examples of animals getting sick and spreading diseases while raised in these factory farms. The article does a great job of presenting facts about the industry.
Mercy For Animals. (n.d.). Undercover Investigations of Factory Farms and Slaughterhouses - Mercy For Animals. Mercy For Animals - animal rights organization promoting a vegetarian diet. Retrieved August 12, 2013, from This article summarizes the undercover investigations by MFA that have shed light and led to several convictions and helped pass legislature to guarantee better living conditions for factory farmed animals. This source is credible because it is an animal rights organization that has actively investigated factory farming abuse. I will be using this information for the second part of my research pertaining to laws and closer monitoring of the factory farms.
People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. (n.d.). Factory Farming: Cruelty to Animals | People for