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The diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank
The diary of Anne Frank was published in June, 25, 1947. This novel in the paperback copy has about 258 pages. The genre of the diary of Anne Frank is Literature because, it is an intimate portrait of an individual’s daily experiences. This novel was not filtered through any kind of editorial process and often not with the intention of telling the whole of Anne Frank’s life’s experiences, just those surrounding the time of the particular entry. The Diary of Anne Frank is an inspiring novel of the thoughts, expressions and hardships of a young girl living under extraordinary conditions.
The diary of Anne Frank is the story of bravery and courage of a young girl spending two years in the hiding from the Nazis. It was Anne frank’s 13th birthday when her family had to go into hiding. Anne frank started writing this diary as a way for her to talk and get her secrets and feelings out. She found it hard when they were in hiding and in her diary explains the troubles and hardships her and her family had to go through in the two years they were hiding. The diary of Anne frank was a non-fiction novel. Anne frank used the diary to keep track of her feelings and what has happened during the time that her and the others spend in the secret annex. The diary describes the fights that they had during their time together and also the different times when the people whom was helping them came to visit. This diary tells everything from the good moments they had to the bad moments.
Throughout the entries, Anne clearly indicates that there are three battles raging. The biggest and most serious one is the outside conflict of World War II. Anne and her family have had to go into hiding to escape the Nazis, who had invaded Holland and were imprisoning and systematically killing the Jewish people. Throughout her stay in the secret annex, Anne fears being caught and imprisoned by Hitler’s forces. Anne and her family and fellow companies endures constant air raids and bombardments and worries that the building in which they are hiding will be hit, causing the occupants in the annex to burn to death. The second conflict that Anne must endure is living in the cramped quarters of the secret annex for over two years with absolutely no privacy and few supplies. She must even share her small room with Mr. Dussel, an old and irritating Jewish dentist, whom was not fond of sharing the little table in their shared room. Life in hiding was tedious and boring. Unable to leave the annex, she had to entertain herself with reading, studying, listening to the radio, and doing chores. Anne found that her behavior was irritating to the others, even to her mother and sister. Anne was often criticized and scolded. She also had to endure the constant