Anne Frank Quotes

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Anne Frank experienced a very tough life as she lived through the appalling years of WW2 and was a victim of the Holocaust. With this being said, Anne Frank has said countless influential lines that were found in her diary and used in the play. Albeit, the most kenned and used quote of all is this one, "In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart." This is tremendous because the quote exclaims a wide assortment of characteristics that Anne Frank has, like her views on life or her character, even allowing us to possibly find out why she behaves the way she does in the Annex. For example, it’s probable to infer, from the quote, that Anne has a rather philosophical view on life or that Anne had a very positive and …show more content…
In this case, if Anne wasn’t hopeful her mental health might have been affected. The explanation behind why Anne is so hopeful is exhibited excellently on page 356, “We talk about “after the war” This shows that even with all the terrible news, Anne and the other occupants of the Annex are still hopeful enough that they speak of the war as coming to an end someday, they can still imagine the war as having an ending. Similarly, Anne is also hopeful on page 365 where she explains her hopes to change for the better and try to stump the quarrels in the Annex between the Franks and Van Daans. Furthermore, on page 326, the Franks and Van Daans are appearing hopeful at the beginning of 1942 when Miep celebrates the new year by bringing a cake to the families in the Annex. Now this cake is significant because on New Year’s Day the Franks and Van Daans have a cake with a date that they believe the war will end near, this shows, again, that they all believe and still see the ending of the war as coming to a closing in the near future. To conclude, that’s possibly why Anne still bears hope that the war will someday conclude, but also how she hopes to have changed herself to benefit those occupying the same space as