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Annotated Bibliography Form
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MLA Citation: "Claudius And Macbeth: A Comparison Between A Villain And A Tragic-Hero." (2011): OAIster. Web. 26 Apr. 2015.

Summary Macbeth and Claudius have a lot of similarities have a lot of similarities, for an example both are murders and are tyrants. They share one particular characteristic there both hero-villains. They even display some characteristics of a tragic hero. They both became villains by circumstances that were not really there faults in a sense. Aside from the few tragic hero characteristics they do share they are still treacherous and evil man that both were on power trips. They even had wives that stood by their side with there no good deeds.

Analysis: The article talks about the characteristics of Macbeth and Claudius. In my opinion this is a good comparison because the characters aren’t exactly alike but they are very similar in many ways. They both could be heroes in sense but are way too treacherous and conniving. They both were villains by force and not by choice because they made some questionable mistakes in their respective plays.
Article Citation #2:
MLA Citation: Serdar, ÖZTÜRK. "Two Notorious Villains In Two Famous Literary Works: Satan In Paradise Lost And Macbeth In Macbeth." Journal Of International Social Research 2.9 (2009): 333-339. Humanities International Complete. Web. 27 Apr. 2015.

Summary Satan in Paradise Lost and Macbeth have similarities and differences. They both had ambition in trying to succeed in a particular thing. Macbeth being hero turned evil with his self-mindedness and his ambition to be king of Scotland. With Satan in this particular play he tried to take over paradise and be next to the father. Obviously neither one of the characters succeeded in there plans. They are both exiled in way, Macbeth is exiled psychology from his friend and Satan is exiled from the Garden of Eden. The main difference between them though Macbeth was not coward like Satan was.

Analysis: This article talks about the similarities and differences of Macbeth and Satan. They were both villains and hurt innocent people to get where they thought they needed to be. The article showed me that these characters are very similar in many ways. Helping me to draw the conclusion that maybe