Anything: Operating System and Web Application Essay

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2.1.1. Organisational Advantage of Web Application
To run web application, costumers don’t have to install anything into their device, as they run on a web server. The time and trouble required for installing software are also done away with. At the same, since the web servers are used, maintenance, troubleshooting problems hardly arise. One does not have to go through the headache of heavy backups to be taken on disk space, etc. either. The beauty of the web applications is that they work on multiple platforms. Most of the applications work on different Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. They are often also compatible with most of the computer operating systems. Immaterial of the browser or the operating system, there is no difference in the way the applications work. The quality of work remains the same all the time.
Five main Organizational Advantages:
Competitive Advantages:
Kmart can make competitive advantages over its rival supermarkets in the sense that with this enhanced web technology and the underlying web application more customers tend to use this facility to shop their everyday needs anytime, anywhere they want which ultimately increases the revenue for Kmart and makes profit this organization.
Return on Investment (ROI):
These applications are cost-effective. These applications cost lesser as comparison to other applications. At the same time, it does not waste any space on the computer, as the software is run from a server. One does not have to pay for maintenance fees either. High amount of consumer uses web application, which increases revenue as well as sells for that organization. Therefore the company’s make ROI higher.
Customer Convenience:
Web application is very user friendly, means any customer can use it without any training. Customer can browse, and find the location, fulfill their query, shop their desire, at any time and any where using their smart phone walking on the road, using laptops, computer, from their home sitting on the chair, in the train, bus. So, we can say it very convenient whoever want to use it.
Demand from supplier/or Customer:
As it is customer convenient, free of cost to use, user friendly and any one can use it easily, the demand from the supplier and the customer is relatively higher. Customers demands are changing constantly, traditionally peoples used to go to shopping centre for shopping their needs which needed them to make time for it and go but as