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Billy Pilgrim
Billy was born in New York, in 1922. He did fairly well in high school and was drafted into that Army in World War 2. Billy was in the Battle of the Bulge when he was taken by the Germans. But this story of Billy Pilgrim isn’t just a regular story of a man in war; there is a twist to this story. Just before Billy was captured by the Germans, Billy experiences time travel. He sees his whole life. On the first few days being in this camp, Billy has a shot of Morphine because he has a break down and it sends him through time again. Many things happen to Bill Pilgrim; many things that happen throughout this book are probably caused by the destruction of war. Billy after the war returns home and finish’s school finds a fiancé, and thanks to her father, Billy and his wife (Valencia) have two kids and grow to be very wealthy. Billy has lots of mental breakdowns throughout the book. Some of the breakdowns trigger time shifting, others trigger horrible memories. Billy even experiences being taken by aliens, people from another dimension. I think Billy lived not an ordinary life at all, the things that happened to him were not normal at all, but I think it was due to damages from the war. I don’t think Billy fears death… at all. He is just waiting.
Tralfamadorians are toilet plunger shaped aliens with one hand that has an eye in the palm of it. They kidnap Montana Wildhack and Billy. They just accept death like it is and they perceive time maybe a little different than people do now days. These may be real, or may be just a figment of Billy’s imagination. Montana also was probably part of his delusions; she was triggered into his delusions when he visited an adult store in New York. Tralfamadorians are more interested in Darwin than in Jesus Christ. They admire Darwin’s view on Death. The Tralfamdorians also think that it is good to eternally visit good times in someone’s life, but sadly, Billy doesn’t have much control over his time travel and he doesn’t just go back to the good times, but also the bad.
Robert Pilgrim
Robert is Billy’s son. I think that he is sort of an important character when it comes to realizing the damage that the war has done to Billy but also had the war had made Robert a more disciplined man. Robert had a hard time at school but he was able to get his act together and participate in the Vietnam War I think that Robert is a character that shows maybe the war isn’t always bad for everyone. One thing about Billy is that he has the hardest time relating and communicating with his own son.

Kurt Vonnegut
●Kurt Vonnegut is oddly not only the author, but also a character in this book. He is a prisoner of war.
Barbara Piligrim
●This is Billy’s daughter. She is delusional.
Valencia Merble
● This is Billy’s wife, she truly loves him

Personal Reaction
I was very confused at a lot of points. I was confused on with who and what or like when things happened. It was definitely not a book I would usually read but it was an alright book. Not my type of book. I was a little surprised that it was interesting. I loved the science fiction twist that the author added. It was my favorite part of the whole book because it kind of caught me off guard.

POW (SlaughterHouse-5)
POW is the camp that Billy and other war members were taken when they were taken hostage. They were taken to this camp in small rail way boxcars. There were other people that were already taken earlier in the war, and they gave Billy and the others a feast when they arrived. He and the other Americans travel to Dresden (still under watch of the Germans), when they were there they had to work and keep up on labors. This is when their camp was a former Slaughterhouse, lucky for these Americans staying in Slaughter House 5; they will soon be saved because of this Slaughterhouse. One night a carpet bomb had gone through the city. Billy and his POW friends survived because they were in an airtight meat locker.