Application: Management and Good Leader Essay

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Describe two qualities of a good leader. In what ways have you demonstrated these qualities in your past experiences?
I have the abilities to find balance in situations as I ensure everyone is given an equal chance to express their opinion. I encourage people to be proactive and to own those decisions. My leadership skills include a high level of communications and I have the enterprise to decide what is best for the team and the situation in a decisive manner together with clarity of instruction. My leader’s skill include compromise and empathy for a chosen discourse when circumstances become difficult and this helps in the long run to solve the task in an orderly manner. When dissecting tasks, I find it paramount to account all roles and tasks and correctly so the appropriate conclusions are met. I believe that a good leader seeks feedback on the tasks to ensure they are completed with due diligence. In summary, I consider determination of decision making is appreciated by the group.
Briefly describe your current role(s) in AIESEC and the main contributions you have made to your team(s)
I applied for a position in AIESEC and became an EP manager in OGX and I enjoy this role immensely. This position includes assisting exchange participants to find their niche in the volunteer sector. This role requires me to be in constant contact with different people I am managing to ensure all goals are being met in a timely fashion. This role allows me to understand other people’s qualities and helps me decide what is best for them. As well as being an EP manager, I am also working as a TL for events/student engagement for OGX. This role also allows me to take the initiative and show the different opportunities around the world, along with incorporating a safe and happy environment. This will be promulgated through the weekly newsletter and monthly events held for the EPs. These roles show my strengths of versatility and have given me the opportunity to approach situations with clear goals in mind. Since attending QCon I approach situations from a different perspective and I believe that my new inspiration for change has been my major contribution to the OGX portfolio.
What are your key strengths and how can you apply these to your chosen role(s) in the