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Application Software They type of user I decided to use is a home user because you can do virtually anything directly from home with the right equipment and software. But for the basics of most home users, the software and work they would be doing would include Word processing software that allows users to create and manipulate documents that contain text and graphics. With word processing software, you can insert clip art into a document; change margins; find and replace text; use a spelling checker to check spelling; place a header and footer at the top and the bottom of a page; and vary font, font size, and font style. With Microsoft word you can keep track of documents you type by saving it to your computer. With spreadsheet software, data is organized in rows and columns, which collectively are called a worksheet. The intersection of a row and column, called a cell, can contain a label (text), a value (number), or a formula or function that performs calculations on the data and displays the result. Excel will help the home user keep track of business records, finances, and a multitude of other simple tasks. Other programs that a home user could use would be Microsoft Power Point to make any type of presentation for any use. Microsoft publisher is another great software program that would help the user make brochures, business cards, calendars and dates, greeting cards, labels of all kinds, newsletters, postcards, you name it Microsoft publisher can do it. As a home