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Developing a Performance Appraisal System
Anna Armstrong
HSM/220 (AAGG1G97S6)
May Tenth, 2015
Marie Sabini
Developing a Performance Appraisal System
The details of a performance appraisal system helps human service organization and their management to help employees feel empowered, recognize and praised for their achievements, showing that management cares, and having regular discussions with all employees. Communication with employees and management is key to a good performance in the work place, it helps employees understand just what the management is looking for and expects. Having regular communication with employees and team leader’s helps in the performance as well (Kettner, 2002).
The elements that should be present in an appraisal system should be a clear understanding of what is expected of the employee in the position they hold. Should have a clear understanding that effective communication among management and employees is encouraged. There should be a reward system and encouragement to those employees for whom show outstanding performance in their job, making sure that the reward system out weights the criticism and bad performances. Making sure that employees know that management is there to listen and that employees know that management cares about their feelings and problems they may endure in the work place. Management show make aware that they show trust and are supportive and that they encourage input and ideas to help the organization reach their goals and mission to all employees (Showkat, 2013).
The purpose of appraisal systems is to help encourage productivity and job performance in order to increase organizational effectiveness. Although an appraisal system is to make sure that all employees know how much they are appreciated and valued within the organization. It is natural for people to dislike the bad comments towards the way we work and how we perform in our job. Which in turn employees need to know how they can improve and better their work performance and make the necessary changes to better the performance in their work ethics. Employees also need to know that management is aware and notices their dedication and lack thereof in the way they perform and that they are also reaching for the goals and mission as the organization is. The need of improving all communication in the organization is a must among management and employees. It helps management in reaching employees to help them with personal goals in their careers and in their position and provide redirection when their goals seem to be far to reach and the need to redirect is needed (Nelda Sprinks, 1999).
A good and successful appraisal system should have the following:
1) Regular feedback
2) 360 feedback
3) Strengths and improvement
4) Support and Plan
5) Best fit and Compensation (Nelda Sprinks, 1999)
The element of regular feedback that should be present in order for all the employees within the organization to receive feedback on their performance and what they can do to improve or maintain. 360 feedback element is important to make known to all employees, management, supervisors in order to help others in the team to improve their work performance and make everyone aware of help and asking for it to improve the performance for all in the organization. Strengths and improvement is another element of the appraisal system that not only focuses on the best aspects and the good qualities of employees but also looks at the weaknesses and the skills and knowledge they may