Arab Spring Revolution

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The Arab Spring revolution is a perfect example of what a modern revolution is. Imagine seeing the old generation and the new generation coming together and demand for a new government. Social media is a huge factor in this, having to do with recording and portraying the way people were acting and exposing it all over. For example, there is a party and everyone knows through Face book, so then that’s how the Egyptians knew that the people were taking the streets of Egypt. What the people of Egypt were demanding was that the Egyptian president, Honsi Mubarak to step down from his position.

The way the people were acting and the way things were turning out to be, begun to portray the beginning of a revolution. It was a big step, but also it wasn't the end. The way the people of Egypt were acting surprised the media and many people around the world, considering Egypt is a very conservative and very religious country. Who led this revolution was the Muslim Brotherhood and led for the control of the country. As of this moment in time people need to see if that is who they actually want to rule and control the way in Egypt.

I think some important key things that needs to happen to make a modern revolution happen are one - people being upset for a long time will want a change, two, people will tend to focus more on their anger and what caused their anger to begin with like in this case the government. Three, the way the issues are let out is through social media. Four, the