Argument Against Animal Testing

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Today in society there are a lot of diseases. People struggle with many diseases that require antibiotics, blood transfusions, etc… How do you think these cures and processes are developed? They are partly developed through animal testing. Animal testing is a good way to help test substances and processes before humans use them.

Human lives matter more than an animal's life. People eat meat like beef, pork, lamb, etc for food, so why do we care that animals are being used to help people and other animals with diseases and other problems? In a year 100 million animals are tested on and killed for the advancement and the protection of science and humans._While over 56 billion are eaten in a year for food. We eat 560 times more animals than what are tested on and the animals that are being tested on are saving lives of humans and animals. Human’s are being saved by us testing on
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Animals have a better purpose in their life then just being house pets or wild animals. Animals being tested on gives them a better purpose and could save real people or other animals in need. That is a better way for them to live their life wouldn’t you agree? Sometimes the animal that is being tested on is not treated well. Animals are sometimes just not treated in a humane way, but it is being stopped because the government is starting to put in laws and regulations for animal testing. Animals are a good subject to test on as long as it’s done in the correct way.

In conclusion, animal testing is a good thing as long as it is done humanely and respectfully. People who are against animal testing usually think that it is not done humanely and respectfully. This changed though because the government has put regulations on animal testing. Animal testing can save human and animal lives by creating medicines and processes like blood transfusing for the medical field. And if animal testing can save these lives who are you to stand in the