Argumentative Essay On Mental Health

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Mental health issues are considered “taboo subjects” in many countries, meaning they are forbidden to discuss around the world. The reasons behind it is because many people thinks it is shameful and fearful to tell others that they have mental health issues. Also, it might lead to misunderstanding which prevents people from discussing the subject. Many mental health issues are hard to recognize. Patients often experience symptoms of mental illness for several years until they realize that they actually have the illness. For example, study says that 36 percent of patients of social anxiety disorder experience symptoms for over 10 years before visiting therapists. Also, many people believe that those mental illness cannot be treated by medical technology, therefore patients tries to get over the issue without asking help from professionals.

What does it mean to be mentally and emotionally healthy? To be mentally and emotionally healthy means to have healthy relationship with other people, to have confidence in yourself, to be able to take care of yourself, to be self-aware and self-disciplined, to be flexible, to have important things in life, to be able to communicate with people
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You will know where and what to do and try your best to achieve your goal. You will find meanings to your life as you set goals and this will motivates you to do something. Goal can give you motivations for doing something and this will lead to new experiences in life, teaching you life lessons that might change your life and your perspective on something. Goal-setting is very important and so all of us should have a goal. No matter how small that goal could be, set a goal each day, try to achieve it and you will be proud of yourself. Then, this motivates you to set a higher goal and you will be able to achieve higher standards of life. Therefore goal-setting strategies can have positive impact on your mental and emotional