Are People Is An Unethically Ethical Than People Who Are Good?

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 According to a study in Los Angeles times, there are more people who are rich that act unethical than people who are poor. The article states studies on the fact. It states that the people who act unethically are usually run by greed, which is why the rich are more likely to treat others unethically. It even states that people who have nicer and more expensive cars are more likely to cut other cars or pedestrians off. They had people hide around the corners of a four way stop and watch the cars. They found out that the nicest cars were more likely to go when it wasn’t their right of way, especially towards walking pedestrians. Test subjects were asked to imagine themselves as a higher rank, and they were more willing to take candy from a jar that was stated to be only for children. So, it turned out that people who felt a higher status acted very rude and unethical towards everyone. But, they were later asked to watch an unsettling video on childhood poverty, and the subjects suddenly felt the urge to help others. The article talks about unethical treatment. By what we’ve learned in class, it can be assumed that most of these unethical people have a very driver-style way of communication. But the way they non –verbally communicate by cutting others off and being rude, it helps me make an assumption that they are more than likely drivers in the workforce, along with personal aspects of life. They more than likely are very classical in the way they manage, putting themselves in charge of all they can be. Although this article doesn’t get into any detail of the actual lives of these people, it states how they