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Article Review
Misanna Gordon
March 10, 2014
Regina Pointer
Asthma can be defined as a chronic disease which inflames the airways of the human body. In persons who are susceptible to this asthma disease, when an inflammation occurs, it causes swelling and spasms in the airway periodically and the airway then becomes smaller and narrow. The person then proceed to wheezing and gasping for air. Air flow obstruction can either respond to a variety of treatments or spontaneously resolve, but when the inflammation continues, the airway can become hyper responsive to different stimuli, for example, exercise, air pollutants, cold air, dust mites, and even anxiety and stress (The Free Dictionary). In the articles, “Asthma treated with integrative medicine” and “Asthma linked to celiac disease”, both articles discusses the way in which the asthma disease is an issue to people of all ranges of age and how it can eventually be associated to other illnesses such as celiac disease.
Length of Problem
The asthma disease cannot be specifically pinpoint to how long it has been in existence, but it can be traced back to the early 3000 B.C., which is what was considered to be the Egyptian period. It is medically determined that an individual cam be born with asthma but is unaware of the disease until they experience breathing difficulties. Some people sometimes mistakes it for a panic attack, but if left untreated, this can become a serious issue. In the United States and all around the world, asthma has become a serious health problem and every individual experiences different types of symptoms with their asthma. In terms of diseases, asthma has now become a long term type chronic disease which can have a negative effect on an individual’s breathing.
In a community, asthma can have different affects, for example, allergies and a major effect would be smoking and chemicals. When chemicals are improperly disposed of and burned, the air gets polluted and causes asthma susceptible individuals to have an asthma attack. Depending on the severity of an individual asthma disease, smoke inhalation from another person smoking close to them can be an asthma attack trigger also. Some chemicals like sulfites and sulfur dioxide, which are generally used to preserve beverages and foods, can be an asthma attack trigger also.
Community Response
Around my community, the response to this health issue is to get tested for this disease at an earlier age and a lot more areas around my community are a smoke free environment, such as the hospitals, the parks, the schools, and other public buildings. The health departments also implemented policies