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Article Review - Breast Cancer
Mary Kaiser
HCS/457 Public and Community Health
November 16, 2014
Monica Vargas

Article Review - Breast Cancer
This review will touch upon the different aspects of breast cancer, such as how long this disease or problem has been around, how breast cancer has affected local, state and national communities, and how these communities responded to defeat or cure breast cancer.
Breast Cancer
Breast cancer has been around since the ancient times. Every century has indicated their knowledge of breast cancer and the various symptoms, such as lumps and tumors which the physicians have recorded over time (Mandal, 2013). The opinion of how and why women have developed breast cancer varies from the authors in this article. In the early years of detecting breast cancer, many people believed Galen's theories were to be true and accurate. Galen described these tumors to be the most dangerous of all cancers because this disease affected not just the breast but the whole body (Mandal, 2013). These theories believed that women who were not sexually active, childless and lead sedentary lifestyles were prone to developing breast cancer. Over the last 100 years, many procedures and testing were done to improve the quality of life for women who developed cancer. As time progressed, physicians believed that removing the ovaries, adrenal glands, and pituitary glands would reduce the size of the tumors in the breast. These physicians' came across a procedure that would remove the diseased breast which was known as a "radical mastectomy" (Mandal, 2013). Approximately 40% of women are known to have dense breast tissue, which decreases the chance of detecting cancer on their mammograms. Researchers from Europe and the United States (Pennsylvania) have detected cancer in patients who’ve had examinations and mammograms with normal results. Since this is the case, using this technique is not very accurate, so another testing may be required, such as ultrasound (, 2005).
Breast Cancer Affects the Community
Breast cancer has affected not just local communities, but many communities and countries across the world. Various articles have brought attention to the need for screenings, treatments, foods, and how exercise can reduce the risks of breast cancer. Breast cancer does not discriminate against women because this disease affects women from various age groups and ethnicities. A couple of survivors of breast cancer would not be here if it were not for the efforts of their communities who have supported, educated them and their spiritual beliefs in god (Guerilus, 2011). The communities in the State of Pennsylvania have come together to share their experiences because they believe women should understand the importance of detecting and awareness of breast cancer.
Community Response
Each year a conference is held by the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC) which holds sessions for the physicians and professionals so they can help women in our state get the most beneficial treatments and knowledge to